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The New Hope-Solebury Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides grant funding to our schools to enhance the quality of education for our students. We raise money to help fund projects that would not be supported by the school budget, such as:

  • Coding with Dash and Dot Educational Robots LES
  • Intensive Learning Support Sensory Room LES
  • Digital Art Centers LES
  • Mountain Biking/Bike Safety UES
  • Alternative Seating Choices UES
  • Edible School Yard Garden UES
  • 3D Printing for STEM Education
  • Screenagers Screening Community Event MS
  • Learning Support Focus Desks MS
  • Vex Robotic Competition Kits MS
  • Double Recycling Stations MS/HS Cafeterias
  • Competitive Robotics Club HS
  • Infrared Cameras for Astronomy and Chemistry Departments HS
  • Timpani for the Music Department HS
  • After School Yoga for Students with Special Needs
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The mission of the New Hope-Solebury (NHS) Education Fund is to enhance the quality of education for our students. Through grant funding and service to our schools, we work to support education and encourage innovation.

The NHS Education Fund provides grant funding to our schools as “seed money” to foster innovative and engaging projects for our students. Some examples of grants we have funded in 2018-2019

  • Addition of natural playground materials for LES ($1500)
  • Intensive Learning Support Sensory Room for the LES ($5000)
  • Alternative Seating Choices for the UES ($300)
  • Updates to the Edible Garden at the UES ($2000)
  • Screenagers Screening for 7th grade community event ($650)
  • Learning support focus desks for 8th grade ($1600)
  • Update to 6th grade STEM Hummingbird robotics kits ($2000)
  • Vex Robotic Competition Kits for Middle School ($2000)
  • Competitive robotics club for the High School ($800 – $2500 donated by The Rotary Club)
  • After School Yoga for students with special needs ($1650)
  • Updated supplies for the student run Hope and Sole Cafe ($1200)

For a full list, please visit our Grants section. Please support the NHS Education Fund to ensure that we continue to play an active role in engaging, enriching, and empowering all students through a world-class education. For more information read our overview.

    Our Goals:
  • Raise the profile of the NH-S Education Fund
  • Increase grant funding by 10% each year
  • Provide opportunities for teachers and students to engage in new activities or processes via grant funding
  • Exponentially increase participation in the Education Fund

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The New Hope-Solebury Education Fund is a recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) organization . Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
We welcome new VOLUNTEERS! Whether you have a new fundraising idea or want to assist with one of our scheduled events, there is always room for you! Meeting information will be sent by listserv and you can always reach out to us via email or Facebook. We look forward to meeting you!

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